Today, adidas released the Brazuca Final Rio, the official match ball to be used during the final of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil on July 13th.



331335The design of the Brazuca Final Rio was inspired by the green and gold variations found in the FIFA World Cup trophy, an alternative of the official Brazuca ball, which was released by adidas in December 2013. As part of their World Cup campaign, adidas launched the @brazuca on Twitter and the Brazucam, which allos fans to follow the football around the world before it reached its final destination in Brazil.

With over 131,000 followers, fans on twitter have been able to track the ball as it makes its journey around the world sharing its love for the beautiful game and highlighting some of the worlds best in between.


When the ball was released in December of last year, all of the countries competing in the World Cup were delivered brazucas, allowing them to train and acquire the right touch and feel prior to the tournament this summer. Since its official release, the ball has been used in several major competitions and leagues including: The FIFA Club World Cup, Copa del Rey, MLS and numerous international friendlies.

Prior to the official launch of the ball, adidas went through several testing phases that lasted over 2 and a half years. These tests allowed the adidas innovation team to create the perfect match-ball for the world’s largest tournament. A ball, that every player on the pitch this summer will be able to adapt too.