All eyes will be on Brazil this summer and the World Cup host surprised fans today with the on-field debut of their blue away jersey.  And they did it in style wearing their home jersey in the first half and the new away jersey in the second half of the friendly against South Africa in Johannesburg.

Brazil's forward Neymar (C) celebrates with teammates Dani Alves (L) and Willian (R).

Brazil’s forward Neymar (C) celebrates with teammates Dani Alves (L) and Willian (R).

The blue jersey has its own unique look among Brazil’s jerseys and is inspired by the people, sport, dance, life and pays tribute to the ocean and surf culture found in Brazil.  The simple blue jersey on first glance becomes much deeper upon evaluation.

Brazil_away_2The blue jerseys features tonal stripes with 3 gradients of blue.  The transition is subtle but distinct.  And to add to the depth, the pattern includes tiny geometric circles and diamonds pulled from the Brazilian flag.  The jersey is made from Nike Dri-FIT and utilizes the ‘burnout’ mesh and laser-cut ventilation holes used on other Nike World Cup 2014 jerseys.

brazil_trioThe Brazilian crest is enlarged on the jersey and has been enhanced with a gold metallic weave to make the badge pop out and have a shimmering effect.  And behind the crest, inside the jersey, the diamond from the Brazilian flag is printed with the phrase ‘Nascido para jogar futebol’ (Born to Play Football).

The Brazilian diamond is not the only feature inside the jersey.  A pennant on the inside of the collar shows the Southern Cross, another reference to the country’s flag.

The Brazilian away kit will be completed with white shorts and blue socks.

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