The Brazil 2018 World Cup home and away jerseys by Nike were unveiled today.  The Brazil 2018 home jersey features the brightest yellow used in 20 years while the away jersey is inspired by the jersey used by the 1958 FIFA World Cup winning team.


Brazil World Cup Home and Away Jerseys


The yellow, officially named Samba Gold, was matched to the one used by Brazil during the 1970 Mexico World Cup, the first to be broadcast in color. This bright yellow matches with the vibrant culture and potent style of play of Brazil.

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“The bright, vivid yellow of the Brazilians combined with their style of play really made an impact on viewers around the world,” said Pete Hoppins, Nike Football Apparel Senior Design Director. “It’s one of the most iconic moments in the history of football, and we wanted to channel that energy into the 2018 National Team collection.”


Brazil 2018 World Cup Home Jersey by Nike


The neck tape on the back collar reintroduces blue to the Brazilian home jersey for the first time in 50 years. A graphic depicting the globe from the national flag and the phrase ‘você é a seleção’ – which translates to “your selection” – is placed on the inner neck.


Brazil 2018 home jersey from Nike


The full kit has the classic combination of blue shorts and white socks with yellow and green detailing.


Nike Brazil 2018 World Cup Home Jersey


The Soar Blue away jersey compliments the vibrant feel of the home kit. An impressive star pattern radiates from the CBF team logo, inspired by two historic moments for the Brazil National team: The first time they wore blue versus Sweden in 1958 and their first World Cup trophy obtained after winning that game.


Brazil 2018 World Cup Away Jersey by Nike


“Being Brazilian is about rhythm, a certain type of movement,” adds Hoppins. “You see it in the dance, you see it in the art and you certainly see it on the football pitch. Only Brazilians play this way.”


Nike Brazil 2018 World Cup away kit


The new Brazil away jersey is accompanied by white shorts and blue socks.


 Brazil 2018 World Cup away kit from Nike


Training & Fashion

A full collection was also launched, with signature yellow and blue anthem jackets, training kits, pre-match gear and more.


Brazil 2018 World Cup Lifestyle Apparel Collection from Nike


Brazil 2018 World Cup training jacket from Nike


Brazil 2018 World Cup Hooded Zip jacket from Nike


Brazil 2018 Training top from Nike


Brazil 2018 World Cup Lifestyle Apparel Collection from Nike


Lifestyle Apparel Collection from Brazil 2018 World Cup campaign


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