Sepp Blatter, known for sometimes sticking his foot in his mouth, was condemned by UEFA and AFC on January 4, 1999 for proposing the FIFA World Cup be held every two years rather than the traditional four year cycle.

“We are living in fast and rapid times and therefore should adapt our World Cup to our times,” Blatter told Reuters TV at the time.

Blatter did not have any details for how such a proposal would work in regards to qualifying and the other fine points of such a change and the idea never made it to FIFA executive committee. The tentative plan was to make the European Championship a biennial event with it being part of the qualification process.

England legend and World Cup hero Bobby Charlton came out against the idea. “Waiting for the World Cup increases its value,” Charlton told Reuters.

But it did have early support from Franz Beckenbauer and Dino Zoff.


January 4 Soccer Birthdays


1953 – Norberto Alonso, Argentine footballer
1969 – Kees van Wonderen, Dutch soccer player (NEC/NAC)
1980 – Miguel Monteiro, Portuguese footballer
1982 – Paulo Ferrari, Argentinian footballer
1982 – Richard Logan, English footballer
1986 – James Milner, English footballer
1990 – Toni Kroos, German footballer


January 4 Soccer Deaths


2007 – Sandro Salvadore, Italian footballer (b. 1939)
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