Black Friday is as much a part of the Thanksgiving holiday as turkey.  The annual day after feeding frenzy that takes place at stores as shoppers fight for the best deals.  Don’t get caught up in the hype and take to checking off your holiday list with online orders.  And for all those ‘soccer nutters’ on your list, World Soccer Shop has a great line-up of Black Friday soccer deals and promotions.

And to make it easy as pie, World Soccer Shop is offering $5 ground shipping on all orders through Sunday, November 29.  Shhhh, don’t tell anyone but World Soccer Shop is offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders from Friday through Sunday (use coupon code BFSHIP15).

A ‘soccer style’ has become one of the latest fashion trends ‘Hitting the Streets’.  Whether you are sporting a jersey, t-shirt, scarf, beanie, or street shoes, it shows you have the style.

Soccer scarves Black Friday deals
The most ubiquitous soccer look is the soccer scarf (Shop Now).  The style has been spotted hitting the runways of fashion shows and talked up in a Vogue magazine article.  It is hard to beat this functional yet stylish look with cold weather.  Soccer scarves are starting at $11.99.

Soccer beanies for Black Friday
The soccer beanie (Shop Now) is perfect for having on hand in cold weather.  It is perfect to keep your head warm while outdoors and can easily be stored in a jacket pocket when inside.  Beanies are becoming more common on the training ground during the winter months as well.  Beanies are starting at $9.99.

Official team t-shirts for Black Friday
Officially licensed team t-shirts (Shop Now) is a great way to have a casual yet sophisticated look.  T-shirts can easily be worn under a jacket to only make an appearance when the jacket is un-zipped.  And long sleeve t-shirts can be doubled up with a short sleeve look for that layers yet warm look. And at $9.99 the price is impossible to beat.

Soccer hoodies
Hoodies (Shop Now) are having their own renaissance.  The pullover piece is comfortable and functional for various weather conditions.  Soccer hoodies are starting at $34.99.

Soccer team polos for Black Friday
Team polos (Shop Now) are more sophisticated and work well when a jersey is just a little bit too casual.  Team polos start at $29.99.

Soft Shell soccer jackets
And the perfect complement to any polo or t-shirt is a soft-shell jacket (Shop Now).  Jackets start at $39.99.

Jersey customizationAnd for all those fans who can’t be seen without the jersey of one of their favorite teams make sure you finish off the look with official jersey customization to include the name and number of your favorite players. Starting at $5.00.

Get in the Gear. Get in the Game. World Soccer Shop.