New Balance held a private event at Liverpool to unveil the new looks for the Visaro and Furon silos, as well as the second generation of the later. Soccer365 was there to see them firsthand, and here you’ll read about everything that happened during the event.




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We went to the heart of Liverpool, where a brick building held the then-secrets of New Balance. A path of dark hallways and stairs led to a special room, where a lightshow introduced us to the setting of the main event. Richard Wright, General Manager of New Balance Football, opened with a few words about the evolution of NB cleats since their introduction last year.



Wright’s speech was followed by two Q&A sessions with the lead designers of the cleats and three of NB top ambassadors: Jesus Navas, Aaron Ramsey and Samir Nasri. All of them stated the close link between New Balance and the players to create the ultimate soccer cleats, which ultimately lead to some changes on the Furon silo based on player feedback.

Next, everyone got to see the new Visaro colorway and Furon 2.0 up close, with an army of boots hanging from a huge net and some displayed on glass cabinets.



The new Furon 2.0 introduce a few – and significant – changes, looking for a lighter and more flexible design. The upper texture has been made softer, improving control and responsiveness. A low-cut collar design provides greater movement range and comfort, taking out some heavy elements without sacrificing protection. The soleplate remains untouched, with an unique design for explosive acceleration and support.



Visaro shoes remain the same, with a color update that gives them an eye-catching look that will stand-out on the field when Aaron Ramsey and Wales take on the Euro 2016 in France next month.

“Game On” or “Game Over”, two different kinds of soccer players. One who takes the pitch and orchestrates the attack, leading the team and creating chances; other who is there to take chances and decide the game in a blink.



What do you think about the latest New Balance collection? Furon 2.0 and Visaro cleats will be soon available at WorldSoccerShop.com!