In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Mercurial, Nike launched the Mercurial 360. Nike redesigned the fit, technology, and look of the Mercurial to deliver the fastest boot on the market.

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Soccer365 received an exclusive interview with Alex Pickett, product line manager, to understand how Nike improved the Mercurial silo. “No component is the same as 2016”, he explains. The Mercurial 360 is made up of a new internal lining and texture that not only feels super comfortable but also interacts with the sock to provide maximum stability. The Mercurial 360 wraps the entire foot in Nike Flyknit and eliminates movement inside of the shoe.



Since the responsiveness of the boot is the most important component when looking for speed, fit was the focal point in redesigning the Mercurial. Consequently, Nike created a more responsive plate system, which allows for better traction. “High-speed control and high-speed touch is what these players want” mentions Alex Pickett. The Mercurial 360 offer all conditions control (ACC) like in previous editions. However, the Mercurial 360 eliminates the additional skin by embedding the ACC technology into the Flyknit yarns prior to knitting. This results in a texturized upper that is softer to the touch but can still battle all elements. The reduction of some boot components allows for a lighter shoe without compromising ball control.


Behind The Scenes: Discussing The Mercurial Redesign With Nike’s Alex Pickett


“All Mercurial players have told us, around the world, they feel better when they are brighter, lighter, and faster” comments Alex Pickett. “It was with that design ‘ethos’ mentality that we instilled in this Mercurial for 2018” The design of the boot certainly reflects that ethos. The Mercurial 360’s clean aesthetic and minimalistic approach suggest a superior design that enables players to showcase their talent and speed.


Behind The Scenes: Discussing The Mercurial Redesign With Nike’s Alex Pickett


The new Mercurial comes in two different colors for both the Superfly and Vapor models and will be worn by the fastest players in the game, including Neymar Jr.

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