UEFA has confirmed that Barcelona and Juventus will both be wearing their home jerseys when the meet in the UEFA Champions League final at the Olympiastadion in Berlin on June 6.  The iconic home jersey of each of these sides will only add to the classic nature of the game to crown the champions of Europe.

Barcelona will be in their blue and red vertical stripe jersey with blue shorts and socks.  There are varying stories of why the blue and red were selected as team colors but they first started using the look in 1900.

Barca's Carles Puyol and Ronaldinho hoist the Champions League trophy in their home jerseys

Barca’s Carles Puyol and Ronaldinho hoist the Champions League trophy in their home jerseys

The home jersey has worked out well for the Blaugrana.  In the club’s 7 appearances in Champions League/European Cup Finals they have played 5 times in the home kit winning with the home kit in 2005/06, 2008/09, and 2010/11.  They lost with their home jerseys in 1993/94 and 1960/61.

Barcelona were forced to wear their away jersey on their way to their first Champions League title in 1991/92. They lost while wearing their away jersey in 1985/86.

Juventus was founded in 1897 but did not start wearing the iconic black and white stripes until 1903.  The Italian side adopted the look from the Notts County Football Club in England after Juventus’ English player John Savage was asked to find a new jersey.  He contacted a friend in Nottingham and the rest is history.

Juventus' Michel Platini chases Liverpool's Alan Hansen in the Old Lady's 1 win in their home jersey

Juventus’ Michel Platini chases Liverpool’s Alan Hansen in the Old Lady’s 1 win in their home jersey

The look may be classic but it brought with it great results in European or Champions League finals.  The ‘Old Lady’ has also appeared in the final 7 times and worn their home jersey in 5 of those matches but could only manage 1 win in 1984/85.  They lost in their home jersey in 2002/03, 1997/98, 1982/83, and 1972/73.

With their away look Juventus has split the outcome winning in 1995/96 and losing in 1996/97.

Who will claim the 2014/15 UEFA Champions League title wearing their iconic home jersey?  Will it be Barca or Juve?

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