The list of headline-grabbing, flashy antics of Mario Balotelli continue to grow. This time, the Italian international took to Instagram to show off his latest pair cleats. All 7 pairs of them.

The colorful cleats provided by Puma come with a comic book theme to them. Splashes of orange blue cover the boot as a comic book font POW! Stretches across the instep, and the heel will be adding the BAM! Sound effect to each of the Balotelli’s attempted backheel flicks.

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The cleats are unique to Balotelli as the outside of each cleat depicts a small Italian flag and the name “Franco” in memory of Balotelli’s late adopted father.

Balotelli took to Instagram to show off his new boots and shower them with praise. The forward went so far as to call them some of his favorites and went on to tell about how excited he is to get back onto the pitch and score goals with them.