Marseille’s equipment manager did not have a good weekend and the 2-0 loss to Montpellier was the least of his problems. The Ghanaian international was forced to be substituted by head coach Marcelo Bielsa in the 52nd minute because the team ran out of his #10 jersey.

“We did not have a third jersey with Ayew’s number and the two jerseys already used by him were stained with blood and so he could not play with them” a Marseille staff explain after the match.

The winger collided with Montpellier keeper Geoffrey Jourdren early in the first half which resulted in a cut on Ayew’s head.  He left the game to get treatment, bandaged up, and with blood on his jersey was forced to pull on a new #10 jersey.

The wound re-opened in the second half and once again blood got on his jersey but when the equipment manager went to pull out a third #10 jersey there were none.  The team tried to have him return with #35 but that did not fly with the officials, rules state you have to end a game with same number as you start, and tried to sew a #10 on a jersey but that was to no avail as well.

Early speculation was the Ayew was subbed due to a concussion.

The crazy thing is that none of the 50,774 fans at the Stade Velodrome had a custom Ayew jersey they could let the winger borrow.  Earlier this season, a fan of Swedish side AIK donated his jersey to a player to make sure he could get on the field.

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