Adidas makes available an authentic and replica version of the 2018 German national team soccer jersey for fans. The differences can be subtle so Soccer365 examines what sets these 2 jerseys apart (other than the price which immediately jumps out to potential buyers).

Die Mannschaft and millions of fans around the globe will wear this jersey while supporting the team in Russia as they try and win back-to-back World Cup titles for the first time since Brazil accomplished the feat in 1958 and 1962.

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The Germany 2018 home and the Germany 2018 away jersey are available in authentic and replica options.  This is the first World Cup that both the home and away have been available to fans.

Germany Authentic 2018 Soccer Jersey


Germany 2018 World Cup Authentic Soccer jersey by adidas


Authentic soccer jerseys are made with the player in mind. They are sometimes referred to as ‘match jerseys’ as the players were the exact jersey on the field in matches. For this reason, adidas is very focused on how the jersey performance in matches.

It is after all one of the main pieces of equipment players wear.

This added attention to detail and process in developing is why the authentic jersey cost more than its replica sibling.

The suggested retail price of the Germany national team jersey is $129.99

Germany Replica 2018 Soccer Jersey


2018 Germany replica soccer jersey - adidas


Replica soccer jerseys are designed for the fans. The primary goal is to keep the same look as what the players wear but at a more affordable price.

The suggested retail price of the Germany national team replica jersey is $89.99.

Authentic vs Replica Jersey Fit

Authentic jerseys usually fit a little snug compared to their replica counterparts.  Let’s face it professional soccer players are in better shape than the average fan.  adidas sizing for their authentic and replica versions or more similar than other brands and most fans find they wear the same size in authentic or replica.

Authentic vs Replica Technology


ClimaChill is used on the Germany authentic 2018 home jersey

ClimaLite is used for the 2018 Germany replica adidas soccer jersey


The technology used on the authentic vs replica is the biggest difference in the jerseys. The authentic jersey features the latest technologies to give the player every added advantage.

The material used for authentic jerseys usually is lighter and wicks moisture away from players more efficiently. They also have a different appearance and feel.


2018 Germany authentic World Cup jersey is made from ClimaChill

adidas ClimaLite is used for the Germany replica 2018 home jersey


The Germany authentic jerseys feature ClimaChill (top image) technology while the Germany replica uses the more common ClimaLite (bottom image) technology.


JOck tag from the 2018 Germany authentic home soccer jersey


The authentic will usually feature a jock tag highlighting the jersey authenticity.

Authentic vs Replica Logos


German federation crest on the authentic Germany home soccer jersey 2018

DFB Crest on Germany 2018 replica jersey by adidas


The most surprising difference for many fans is with the logo and crest applications.


World Cup winners badge on 2018 Germany Authentic home jersey

FIFA World Cup holders badge on Germany 2018 replica adidas jersey


Authentic jerseys feature heat applied logos while replicas usually have some type of embroidered logos.


Adidas Performance logo on 2018 Germany home soccer jersey

adidas Performance logo on the 2018 Germany home replica jersey


Heat applied logos are lighter which keeps the overall weight of the players’ jersey to a minimum and there eliminate any contact and rubbing between the jersey and skin that can be caused by bulkier embroidered logos.

One downside to the modern heat applied logos is that they require (should be given) special care when cleaning. The more delicate logos are not as resistant to high heat (from high heat drier cycles).

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Authentic vs Replica: Germany 2017 Home Jersey by adidas


Time to continue our Authentic vs Replica series, now with the adizero and climacool versions from adidas and the German National Soccer Team.

They may look the same from afar, but make no mistake, there are some crucial differences between them that may influence your shopping decision. Let’s take a close look at the authentic and replica jerseys from the three stripes brand.

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Replica and Authentic?

As we have mentioned before, player needs are very specific, and usually differ from what the fans want or like. Authentic, also known as Match jerseys, have a focus on performance rather than durability; they implement different technologies to make players as comfortable as possible at all times. You’ll need around $120 to pay for an adidas Authentic jersey.

Authentic vs Replica: Germany adidas Home Jersey
Replica jerseys are fan-directed products. Their materials and details are usually more durable than the Authentic ones, while trying to keep the overall look from their on-pitch counterpart. $89.99 is the current price for an adidas replica jersey.

Authentic vs Replica: Germany adidas Home Jersey
Only the world’s top clubs and national teams have the honor to wear Authentic jerseys by adidas, which makes them fine pieces for collectors or fans who want to experience the “real deal”. Let’s get into detail with both the adizero and climacool adidas jerseys.


adidas Authentic jerseys feature a slightly snugger fit than the Replica versions. Sleeves usually fit the same in both cases, but you’ll definitely feel a small difference in the body. This fit is necessary to keep the jersey in place, avoiding movements that could result in the fabric brushing against the player’s skin and reduce wind resistance.

Authentic vs Replica: Germany adidas Home Jersey
Replica jerseys offer normal sizing, perfect for fans who wear a jersey for an entire day or simply don’t have the same athletic body as their idols.

Authentic vs Replica: Germany adidas Home Jersey


Heat pressed logos are the trend for Authentic jerseys, and there’re a good couple of reasons for that. They reduce the weight of the jersey and eliminate the contact between the skin and the sewing from embroidered pieces, making the gear way more comfortable. For team crests, adidas uses a lightweight rubber material that provides a cool look.

Authentic vs Replica: Germany adidas Home Jersey
For other logos, like adidas’ or the World Cup Champions badge, the choice is a high quality printing. Authentic logos need special care if you want them to last for a while, they are not as resistant to harsh conditions or handling as embroidered logos.

Authentic vs Replica: Germany adidas Home Jersey
Authentic vs Replica: Germany adidas Home Jersey


adidas has experimented a lot with jersey tech in search of the ultimate tool for professional players. You may remember the likes of formotion or techfit from recent years, or the first generation of adizero launched for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. The later has proved to pass the test of time, evolving during three years to reach the product we enjoy today.

Authentic vs Replica: Germany adidas Home Jersey
The most noticeable feature is the presence of laser-cut holes on the knitted back and sides of the clothe, designed for ventilation and heat release. The fabric is lighter and fine, keeping the body dry at all times. Replica jerseys – known as climacool in adidas lore – are also 100% polyester, but feature no ventilation holes nor knitted adizero panels; the fabric is thicker and a bit heavier than the Authentic.

Authentic vs Replica: Germany adidas Home Jersey
Authentic vs Replica: Germany adidas Home Jersey


Details may vary from team to team, but adidas tries to keep aesthetic differences between adizero and climacool jerseys at minimum. One notable exception are MLS clubs, whose Authentic jerseys feature more details than the Replicas, as the American market is accustomed to these differences due to them existing in gear from popular sports such as Football or Basketball.

Authentic vs Replica: Germany adidas Home Jersey
In this German jersey you’ll notice that the neck flag, upper back text and geometric graphic are virtually the same in both versions. This upholds for most national teams and top clubs, with the exception of MLS clubs, as mentioned above.

Authentic vs Replica: Germany adidas Home Jersey
The lower left side features a small writing that identifies what version of the jersey you are wearing: ‘adizero’ for the Authentic or ‘climacool’ for the fan Replica.

Authentic vs Replica: Germany adidas Home Jersey
Which version is your favorite? What do you think about adizero jerseys? Shop Authentic and Replica Germany jerseys at World Soccer Shop.