Australia pays tribute to the 1974 Socceroos team that was the first to qualify for the World Cup with their new home jersey that was unveiled today. 

The jersey is a bright yellow similar to the color worn 40 years ago in West Germany.  The players from that team are still heroes ‘down under.’

Australia_trioThe jersey features a johnny collar and a badge that was crafted from the Australian coat of arms both tributes to the 1974 jersey.  The inside of the collar has the Australian Football Federation logo surrounded by the inscription ‘We Socceroos can do the impossible’ uttered by Peter Wilson, the captain of the 1974 Australian squad.

But the aesthetic is where the tribute to 1974 ends.  The jersey is made from a combination of Nike Dri-FIT technology, “burnout” mesh, and laser-cut ventilation holes to help keep players at the optimal temperature while on the field.

The jersey also has a 21st century feel with its environmental sustainability like the other Nike World Cup jerseys.  One of the main materials used in the kit is recycled plastic bottles (each kit is made with approximately 18 bottles).