Player numbers are taking for granted these days with players arguing over who wears what number and fans buying customized jerseys with their favorite player number on them but it was on this day in soccer history in 1928 when all the madness started.

Arsenal and Chelsea became the first teams to have their players wear numbers in their matches against The Wednesday, eventually renamed Sheffield Wednesday, and Swansea Town, respectively.

The use of player numbers became common in all of football with the adoption of a system where players were given a number to correspond to their position on the field with the goalkeeper of course being the ‘number 1.’

Squad numbers have since become the standard numbering system where a players wears the same number for the entire season.  This was first done at the 1954 FIFA World Cup and was adopted by the English Premier League in 1993.

Soccer Birthdays

1979 – Marlon Harewood, English footballer
1987 – James Wesolowski, Australian footballer