Atlas Football Club revealed their 2015/16 home and away jerseys by technical sponsor Puma on Wednesday, July 22.  The home and away jerseys provide a modern take on a classic quartered jersey and white away jersey, respectively.

2015/16 Atlas home soccer jersey
The red and black home jersey has a modern quartered look.  The upper 2 quadrants are only on the upper chest with a black panel on the right chest and red on the left chest. The color of the respective upper quadrants is continued on the sleeve.  The jersey is given a modern look with the arched divide between the upper and lower 2 quadrants.  The lower quadrants continues down the lower ¾ of the jersey.

The design does a great job of creating a background and framing the BRIDGESTONE sponsor logo across the center of the jersey as well as the Atlas FC team badge over the heart and the Puma Leaping Cat logo over the right chest.

Atlas players model new 2015/16 jerseys
The sleeve cuffs and v-neck collar are black.  The outside of each sleeve has an insert of the alternate color with the Puma logo in white with additional sponsor logos above.  The collar has the Mexican flag displayed on the back of the collar in the center. The club emblem of ‘El Titan Tapatio’ is printed beneath the collar on the inside of the jersey with a feint impression visible on the outside.

Reflective silver vertical stripping are applied down each side of the jersey.

The back of the jersey is halved with red and black sides.

Atlas Football Club unveil 2015/16 home and away soccer jerseys

‘Los Zorros (The Foxes)’ away jersey has a wide sash running diagonally from the left shoulder the right waist.  The white sash almost covers the entire jersey while the top of the jersey is black and the bottom left corner at the waist has 1 black and 1 red diagonal stripe.

The v-neck collar has a black back and red on the front ‘v’ section of the collar. The Tri Colores of the Mexican flag are on the back of the collar.  The jersey has the same reflective silver vertical striping down the sides.

The Atlas 2015/16 Home Jersey and Atlas 2015/16 Away Jersey are available at World Soccer Shop.