Aston Villa is a founding member of the Football League when it was formed in 1888 and over the decades have worn with pride their club badge over their hearts. The badge is central to the club’s identity and announced they were updating the design starting with the 2016/17 campaign.

The main change to the badge, the 9th iteration in the club’s 142 year history, is with the lion at the center of the badge.  The lion has for centuries been used to represent bravery, valor, and strength and commonly seen on badges on coats of arms.

After consulting with fans, Aston Villa decided to update the lion and make it more heraldic in appearance by including claws as well as more distinct features on the lion’s mane, legs, and tail.

Aston Villa badge comparisonThe lion as well as the AVFC at the top of the badge were enlarged with ‘Prepared’ removed from the bottom of the badge as fans did not believe this to be an essential part of the badge design.

The star on the badge is retained.  It represents the European Cup title won in 1981/82 with a 1-0 win over Bayern Munich.

Aston Villa team crest 2016/17 update

Artist and engraver Christopher Wormell was commissioned to update the badge with this new emphasis.  The end look entails the proud history of the club.

What do you think about the new Aston Villa club badge?  Will it stand out better on jerseys?

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