English golfer Ian Poulter is known as a stylish dresser on the course and an avid Arsenal fan.


Ian Poulter in Arsenal gear back in 2006

The 38-year-old’s dream came true when the Gunners signed with Puma who have designed a special Arsenal golf collection with partner Cobra.

Poulter is playing this weekend in the Open Championship (more commonly known as the British Open in the U.S.) but will only have the Arsenal golf bag at his side.  He will debut the collection on the tour later this year.

arsenal-glof-gloveIronically, the new line allows him to sport the fashion which earlier resulted in a rule change.  Poulter controversially wore an Arsenal jersey in a tournament and it did not sit well with the tour as they quickly passed a rule that banned wearing soccer jerseys at tournaments.

The partnership plays on the ‘Stronger Together’ campaign and even has Poulter playing his part in a Puma video.

The new collection includes apparel, golf shoes, and accessories in the Red and White of Arsenal and includes the team badge and Puma logo.


The gear will stand out on the tour. The golf shoes follow the recent trend from the Puma Tricks collection of soccer cleats and have 1 red shoe and 1 white shoe. The apparel is more reserved with traditional looking pieces with a discreet Arsenal logo applied to the left sleeve.


The best piece of the collection has to be the distinct Arsenal driver with the cannon logo on the top with a metallic red background and Arsenal on the side.

And it is not just the gear.  Poulter has been known to hit the links with Arsenal players as he did with former legend Ray Parlour in 2012.

What do you think about the Gunners Golf Collection?  Is this the incentive you needed to take up the game?  Will you get some of the gear?

The Puma Cobra Arsenal golf collection can be found at Cobra Golf.