It was an exciting time for Colón de Santa Fe fans this past Sunday, as their team scored a last minute goal against Olimpo to avoid being relegated to Argentina’s soccer second division.

Fans invaded the pitch to celebrate, taking “souvenirs” from players including jerseys, shorts and even their cleats. However, the team still has to play a final tie-breaker against Atlético de Rafaela, which forced team officials and players to take it to Social Media to recover the stolen cleats.

“Return the cleats of [players] Mariano Bíttolo, Facundo Curuchet and Darío Gandín for Saturday’s game. After it is done you can have them back” read a short post on the club’s Facebook page. Meanwhile, #ReturnGandinscleats was trending on Twitter in Argentina, as users were having a blast with this curious situation.


Images via www.sinmordaza.com

Darío Gandín was actually one of the lucky ones, as fans showed up to return his adizero Messi cleats; first, the right one was provided by one of the fans, with the left one showing up a day later to complete the pair. According to Gandín, these cleats are irreplaceable. The player told local stations that his cleats are considered a lucky charm, and hold special emotional value as they are personalized with his kid’s names, Valentino and Adriano.

Now, Gandín will have his favorite cleats for the decisive game against Atlético Rafaela, while his teammates are still waiting for their own cleats to show up. Will they get them back? Will their lucky cleats help the team avoid relegation?