‘Will you marry me?’  4 words that will change your life forever.  And for 2 American Outlaw (AO) members, Chelsea and TJ, the resounding ‘YES’ was delivered in the spirit perfect for fans of the United States national soccer teams.

American (Outlaws) Love Story
With an intuition that TJ was planning on proposing during the AO beach trip to Maracas Bay, Chelsea wanted to be ready and at the last minute had the perfect idea.  She wanted to get the 2015 USA Away Jersey with ‘YES’ and ‘15’ customized on the back.  The jersey was in hand and ready when called on by the time the flight left for Trinidad.

American (Outlaws) Love Story
Now all that was left to do was wait.

The day did not start off so peaceful.  The drive to the beach at Maracas Bay was ‘along one of the most terrifying roads I’ve ever been on’ but when they finally arrived it was the perfect destination.  ‘The beach was just stunning’ and so Chelsea (with a heads-up from AO friends) knew the time was at hand.

American (Outlaws) Love Story Yes USMNT 2015 away soccer jersey
A ‘sightseeing’ walk down the beach ended with TJ on one knee and Chelsea with jersey in hand on a ring on her finger.

But this love story did not start on a beach.  2 years earlier mutual friends brought the pair together at a local bar.  “Really romantic,” Chelsea said with a smile.  She also smiled when speaking about her love for the beautiful game.

“If it weren’t for him I would still be wondering why people spend two hours watching players run around a field. Once he took me to a game I completely fell in love with the sport and the supporters.”

Oh how love can change your life.

Their first USMNT match together was the 2013 Gold Cup semifinal in Dallas.  A great start as the Stars and Stripes defeated Honduras 3-1 on the way to the 2013 Gold Cup title.  The couple’s favorite game is a toss-up between the USMNT World Cup qualifier against Jamaica in Kansas City in 2013 or Landon Donovan’s last game in East Hartford in October 2014.  Chelsea is quick to add that the fans make every AO tailgate and game a ‘favorite.’

And off the field both Chelsea and TJ are part of the AO Dallas leadership.

American (Outlaws) Love Story
The wedding date has not been picked but the couple has agreed on 2 things…it won’t be during an international break and plenty of AO friends will be on hand to celebrate.