Germany vs Argentina is a classic match-up at the World Cup.  The 2-sides have faced off in 2 previous finals, 1986 and 1990, with each team winning once.

Argentina with Diego Maradona leading the way helped La Albiceleste to the title at Azteca Stadium in Mexico City in 1986.  It was Argentina’s 2nd World Cup title after they won on home soil in 1978.

4-years later it was Germany, or more appropriately West Germany’s, turn to win the title at Stadio Olimpico in Rome.  It was Die Mannschaft’s 3rd title after winning in 1954 and as host in 1974.

What will happen in 2014?

The team wearing their home jersey in the final won both times.   West Germany was forced to wear their green away jerseys in 1986 and Argentina was sporting their dark blue jerseys in 1990 and both teams lost those years…the World Cup Away Jersey Jinx.

Germany will have the edge as they are wearing their home jersey for the match.  Argentina will be wearing their dark blue jersey for this first time in the World Cup on Sunday.

In 1986, the Azteca became the first stadium to host 2 World Cup finals.  The famous stadium also hosted the 1970 final.  On Sunday, the Maracana will become the 2nd stadium to host two World Cup finals.  The Maracana was built for the 1950 World Cup.  Ironically, it was criticized at the time for the huge cost of construction.  Argentina must know something about winning the second party at a venue.

South American sides have won every World Cup hosted in the Americas.  The first reaction would give the edge to Argentina but this may be the present-day reality.  The last time the Americas hosted the World Cup was in 1994 in the United States.  The home continent advantage is no longer as relevant with most South American players plying their trade in Europe.

Who do you think will win Sunday’s World Cup final?