The number 10 shirt is a very special one to Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero. That’s why when its previous owner Edin Dzeko left Manchester City, Aguero was quick to scoop it up.

But when he did, many City fans were left disappointed. In grabbing the number 10 shirt, Aguero abandoned his previous number 16, and in the process left many city fans with brand-new yet now outdated Manchester City jerseys.

So Sergio Aguero made a promise. The Argentinian would personally sign shirts purchased just before the swap. And the forward stayed true to his word.

Armed with a sharpie and a smile, Aguero got down to business and autographed stack and stacks of Man City shirts for fans. The meaningful gesture was a generous move by the forward who is currently sidelined with injury but set to make his return soon.

Aguero also spoke a bit about why he made the change to the number 10 shirt.

“The No. 10 shirt means a lot to me,” said Aguero. “When I arrived at City, Edin had it – he wore it very well, and of course, I respected it. That’s why I picked the No 16. I must admit, I have warmed to it over the past few years and shared many special moments in it but the no.10 shirt is very special for me. I always felt a connection to it, and even more so now.”