The adidas Battle Pack was first introduced as the starting line-up if soccer cleats for the upcoming 2014 World Cup in Brazil but the look has quickly taken to the streets with the Battle Pack Originals line-up.  The style is winning with the colorway added to the Pure Boost shoe line as well.

adidas pure boost battle pack soleThe lightweight running shoes feature the boost energy-return foam to provide comfort and improved running.

adidas pure boost battle pack adidas logoThe black-and-white look is classic and includes a suede heel to give some texture to the shoe along with leather detailing on the toe and around the lace box.

adidas pure boost battle pack 2 colorwaysIt comes in 2 versions.  One version comes with the 3-stripes in white while the second has black stripes.

The Battle Pack look is even available for the Goalkeeper!

The adidas Pure Boost shoe can be pre-ordered on adidas.com the Battle Pack soccer cleats are available at the World Soccer Shop.