After changing the game by scrapping its four silos and replacing it with two, the ACE 15 and X 15 four months ago, adidas have now upped the ante with Primeknit iterations of both cleats.
When adidas announced the two new silos back in May it was somewhat unprecedented. For a manufacturer to cut down its offerings by half, not to mention get rid of the iconic Predator and hugely popular adiZero was a big, big risk. Luckily for adidas it looks as if its paid off.

After a successfully initial period with both silos, the X 15 and ACE 15, adidas have today unveiled Primeknit constructions for both. We first heard of Primeknit in soccer cleats prior to the 2014 World Cup in the form of the adidas Samba Primeknit – the world’s first knitted cleat. Since then, we’ve seen it used sparingly by adidas, that is, until now.

The integration of a Primeknit upper, essentially one-piece of woven material, is a major new addition and will allow for greater comfort and fit on both the X and ACE.

Unsurprisingly, the ACE 15+ Primeknit follows the same ethos of the whole ACE silo. Designed for a player that controls everything, sets the pace of the game and opens up spaces with pinpoint passes (take ACE wearers Oscar, James Rodriguez and Morgan Schneiderlin) the ACE 15+ Primeknit features a redeveloped upper. Primeknit hasn’t just been slapped on to the boot, rather its been given a thin 3D synthetic control upper for perfect touch regardless of weather conditions.

This is found at the forefoot of the boot, while towards the, now familiar, Controlfit padding and a reinforced heel counter provide crucial stability and protection. A compression tongue, for a more snug fit, and asymmetrical lacing, for a larger striking surface, are just a few more of the cleat’s features.

The ACE 15+ Primeknits sibling, the X 15+ Primeknit is designed for a totally different type of player. Think a player that causes chaos (the good and, maybe even the bad kind) on pitch. A Luis Suarez or Gareth Bale – someone that can be the difference in a tight match.


Adding to the impressive X 15, the 15+ Primeknit brings better comfort and fit to the table. The foot-hugging Primeknit upper allows for greater explosion, with the foot locked down securely in the boot. As with the ACE15+ Primeknit, the X 15+ Primeknit has the same thin synthetic layer that improves durability and touch in all-weather and a lycra compression tongue.

Expect to see an elite line up of players lacing up in both the Primeknit boots in the coming weeks. X 15+ Primeknit and ACE 15+ Primeknit will be soon available at WorldSoccerShop.com.