The 2015 Africa Cup of Nations has found a new host in Equatorial Guinea after Morocco refused at the last minute to host due to the ebola virus in West Africa.  The preparations kept moving forward today with adidas unveiling the Marhaba, the official match ball for the Orange Africa Cup of Nations.


The ball will be officially presented at the tournament draw in Malabo on Wednesday, December 3.

Marhaba, the Official Match Ball for the Orange Africa Cup of Nations, Equatorial Guinea 2015.
The technology and testing in identical to the Brazuca, UEFA Champions League Ball, and the new Context2015 but the ball has a cool and unique look representative of the varying landscape of the African continent.

The white ball has a multi-tone blue wave pattern making the ball come alive even when motionless.  This represents the deep blue color of the skies in Africa.  The ball has a unique look for the other recent adidas match balls with a silver-gray star sunburst pattern inside the blue wave.

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What do you think about the look of the Marhaba?  Is this the best design for an adidas ball since the Brazuca?