The 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup kicked off on June 6 and the focus of soccer fans has turned to the play on the field and which 2 teams will advance to the final on July 5.  adidas unveiled the official match ball, the Conext15 Final, that will be used in the  in Vancouver as a champions is crowned.

The Conext15 Final uses the same design as the Conext15 Match Ball that was released in November last year but with a special colorway for the final.  The fluid design on the Conext15 Final is a vibrant red representative of Canada with gold trim in tribute to the color of the winner’s medal.

The Conext15 replaced the popular adidas Brazuca ball that was used at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and built on its reputation.  The ball silo was thoroughly tested by over 600 players from 30 countries and 10 leagues over 2 years.

This year’s tournament is groundbreaking with the tournament expanding to 24 teams from 16 with 52 games.

The adidas Conext15 Final Official Match Ball is available at World Soccer Shop.  You can also find the Conext15 Match ball with some customized to commemorate top games including all the games of the USA Women’s National Team.