Adidas have released blackout and whiteout colorways for three of their silos – the Predator Instinct, the F50 Adizero, and the Copa Mundial.

Adidas Predator Instinct

The Predator collection is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and the blackout cleat is entirely black without any colourful components.

Adidas-Blackout-Predator-Instinct-Boot (11)

The technological updates include transparent Lethal Zones that provide optimal grip and control, and a new passing pad on the upper.

As with its counterpart, the new whiteout version has no other color elements. The boot that’s designed for control is the only synthetic boot to receive the black and white colorway treatment.

Adidas-Whiteout-Predator-Instinct-Boot (1)

Adidas F50 Adizero

The F50 Adizero is one of the lightest boots available, built for comfort and speed thanks to a soft leather upper.

Adidas-Blackout-F50-Adizero-Boot (1)

The Speedfoil heel and the Sprintframe 2.0 outsole add to the lightweight characteristics of the cleat.

The only hint of color apart from the blackout/whiteout style comes in the form of the adidas logo on the heel, which is a metallic grey.

Adidas-Whiteout-F50-Adizero-Boot (1)

Adidas Copa Mundial

The boot that was designed for the 1982 World Cup in Spain gets a return to more traditional colors after the Samba collection released earlier this year.

Adidas-Blackout-Copa-Mundial (1)

This iconic boot has an upper made of the softest kangaroo leather available, ensuring it retains a comfort like no other.

Adidas-Whiteout-Copa-Mundial-2014-Boot (1)

The blackout colorway has a white trim for the adidas and Copa Mundial text, and the whiteout boot uses a classy gold.


The new adidas black and white collections will be available soon from WorldSoccerShop.com