Adidas has revealed the Official Match Ball for the 2018 FIFA World Cup knockout stage in the Telstar Mechta. The name Mechta in Russian translates as ‘ambition’ or ‘dream,’ and features the same design elements and physical features as the Telstar 18, but is adapted to reflect the added intensity and opportunity of the knockout stages.

The Mechta has a bright red and black pixelated graphic detail on the panels and copper accents over a white ball. The updated colors reflect the importance of the matches, as the field of thirty-two has been reduced to sixteen.

A copper adidas logo with matching text that has Mechta in Russian over Official Match Ball in English and a monochrome copper 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia logo are also placed on the ball. The Mechta match balls will make their debut on June 30 for the first of the Round of 16 matches in the knockout phase.

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