Tracking your development is critical to understanding the areas of your game that need improvement so you can move in the right direction to achieve your goals.  The adidas Smart Soccer Ball is the best way to accurately track your control of the ball which as we know is one of the most important skills in soccer.

The adidas Smart ball was released in May this year and has received in general positive reviews – SB Nation, Gear Patrol, Trusted Reviews – for the player or team that is committed to taking the ball to the next level.

The amazing aspect of the Smart ball is not how well it tracks shots (it was designed for that after all) but for how nice the ball is surrounding the technology.  The 32-panel design looks and feels like a regular soccer ball about the only features that give it away are the mi coach icon and the green detailing on the ball.

This true feel for the ball allows players to feel comfortable as if they were striking a regular ball opposed to the feeling when a testing ball.

With the spring season right around the corner, this is the perfect time to consider purchasing the adidas Smart Ball for your personal use or for your team or club.  It will help improve the control of the ball for players committed to putting in the effort.

The adidas Smart Soccer Ball is available at the World Soccer Shop and other fine soccer retailers.

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