adidas is a leader when it comes to professional soccer with top teams and players wearing the 3-stripes.  And the German based company plays a huge role in developing the stars of tomorrow through cutting edge technology and their latest release is the miCoach SMART BALL.

adidas smart ball concept drawing“The adidas miCoach SMART BALL is a personal training tool,” said Christian DiBenedetto, adidas senior innovation director.  “Everything we do at adidas is about helping athletes perform at their highest level and the SMART BALL is designed to help players train and refine technique, allowing athletes to improve flair, skill, power and control.”

adidas smart ball phone appThe SMART BALL is a Bluetooth Smart and app-enabled soccer ball.  The integrated sensors collect data on how hard the ball was struck, flight trajectories, ball spin, and point of impact and relays that to a coach or trainer’s iPhone or iPad.

adidas smart ball player testThis information then allows the player to breakdown the kicking motion and focus on improving specific areas that need added work to help show results in games.

adidas smart ballThe SMART BALL comes with a companion app with training section as well and specific tutorials to improve advanced kicking techniques, includes a ‘record book’ to plot improvements over time, and of course has social sharing functions.