adidas collaborated with performance artist Marina Abramovic to recreate her 1978 ‘Work Relation’ video in a view ‘reimagined through the lens of the 2014 World Cup.’

It is not surprising in the re-creation that the 11 players in the video are all wearing either black or white adidas Samba shoes.  The clean look of the Sambas fits in perfectly with the black-and-white video and stark backdrop.

The video highlights the power of teamwork.

The 11 players were split into 3 teams – a team ‘chain’ of 7 people, and 2 teams of 2 people each.  The 3 teams have the task of transporting rocks from one side of the ‘field’ to the other.  In the end it is shown that the team of 7 is more efficient and has the most stamina.

After focusing in on Abramovic, overseeing the project, the entire 11 end up walking together toward the camera as the text ‘Work Relation, 2014’ is shown on the screen followed by adidas slogan ‘all in or nothing.’

“One similarity between performance and sport that I wanted to highlight in this video is the importance of group collaboration,” Abramović told designboom.

The video has its share of critics who claim the video only commercializes her artwork.

What do you think of the video?  Selling out or pretty cool?

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