adidas has made the revolutionary move by unveiling the first knitted soccer cleat, the Samba Primeknit.  And they are going all in with Luis Suarez set to give the cleat an on-field debut when Liverpool face Manchester United at Old Trafford on March 16.

Primeknit_frontThe Liverpool and Uruguay striker has been spotted wearing the new cleat in training sessions over the last couple of weeks creating a stir among cleat spotters.  The unidentifiable cleat lived up to the hype as something new which was no huge surprise given this is a World Cup year.

But how does a knitted cleat work?  The process starts with each yarn receiving a high precision coating to insure water resistance.  Once the upper is woven the cleat provides great flexibility, a barefoot feel, but with the strength of a traditional cleat.

primeknit_sideThe knitted upper uses the Samba colors of green, pink, blue and orange.  The soleplate is white with the forward studs being green, pink and orange.

“Every adidas product is developed with the player in mind and in particular, the needs of the player,” Markus Baumann, Senior VP for Global Football at adidas said at the launch. “By producing the world’s first knitted football boot we have provided a brand new solution to the search for higher levels of comfort and flexibility.”

The limited edition cleat will available globally although it w  ill NOT be available in the U.S. for the initial launch.

What do you think of the new adidas Primekit?  This ain’t your grandmother’s cleat.