Adidas revolutionary silos receive an unique chrome treatment with the new Eskolaite Pack. The game has changed, some of the world’s biggest stars are part of this, and they’ll showcase a bold new look on the pitch with this colorway for both ACE and X.

This pack is part of Adidas ‘Limited Collection’, and features Eskolaite, an uncommon Chromium Oxide mineral tho give both silos and even more distinctive appearance.

ACE is for those who control the game and control all the threads of their teams, powered by Control Web and NSG (Non-Stop-Grip) for ultimate ball control. X15 is a deadly combination for players who bring chaos to the pitch, featuring new technologies such as the Techfit Collar for support, X-Claw base for traction, X-Cage for lightness and X-Skin for comfort.

Adidas Eskolaite Pack will be soon available at WorldSoccerShop.com!