Following the initial release and a couple of colorways (such as a black version and the Eskolaite pack) for the X and ACE silos, adidas has unveiled a new clean white look for both of them ahead of the international break. Chaos and Control will have a new face, one to stand-out against the bright colors that dominate these days.


The X 15.1 features a white/gray/black combination, keeping its technical specifications intact. These cleats are designed for deadly players who bring chaos and tear rivals apart with speed and skill, adapting to them with Techfit Collar for support, X-Claw base for traction, X-Cage for lightness and X-Skin for comfort.

ACE 15.1, on the other hand, was created for the playmakers who control the game with magical touch and unique vision. This colorway also features white and gray, but also adds some orange on the newly-designed stud configuration that, along with Control Web and NSG (Non-Stop-Grip), deliver ultimate ball control.


The adidas Ace 15.1 and X 15.1 are available at World Soccer Shop.