Adidas have unveiled two new colorways for the second generation Nitrocharge 1.0 collection, just in time for the new season. The first new colorway is Black/Metallic Silver/Neon Orange. This eye-catching cleat retains a traditional feel with a black base, and the flashes of orange and green give it a modernized touch.


The EnergySling has been re-designed to run parallel with the adidas 3-stripes along the side of the boot in silver and has been widened.


There are also dashes of orange on the sole of the cleat. The studs are predominantly green, with a couple an opaque white.


The second new colorway is a much bolder offering of Infrared/Metallic Silver/Running White.


The main color of the boot is red, and again the adidas three stripes appear in silver. The wrap pattern running across the top is blue and white.


The white also makes an appearance on the sole of the boot.


Adidas have also implemented technology changes along with the new colorways, the major one being a redesigned EnergySling.


The Nitrocharge is aimed at the box-to-box player, and the new EnergySling will provide better support when making quick changes of direction.


The front of the cleat is made with the adidas HybridTouch material, ensuring the wearer gets a clean strike of the ball.

Both new colorways will be available soon at WorldSoccerShop.com.