adidas released their first version of the Ace and X soccer cleat silos designed specifically for women this week. The cleats are engineered for a women’s foot highlighted by a new upper, soleplate, and updated studs and stud pattern.

The design process looked at the female foot and how it functions during a match. The most important find was that women’s typically have a lower in-step and narrower foot bend.


adidas ACE and X women's cleat silos


The biggest improvements come on the outsole. The outsole is updated to efficiently accommodate the narrower foot bend while the individual studs are shorter and smaller. The stud configuration on the outsole has also been updated to provide ideal rotational and linear traction during play.

The upper has a lower silhouette and collar.



Becky Sauerbrunn and Morgan Brian will wear the new ACE cleats while Lindsey Horan, Emily Sonnett, and Danielle Colaprico are a few of the players pulling on the X cleats.


adidas' women's cleat silos


“In soccer, female athletes across the world wear shoes that are not meant for us, our feet, or our game,” U.S. Women’s National Team captain Sauerbrunn said. “Today, thanks to adidas’ constant drive to innovate and empower women, we finally have access to the first ever cleat for female players. The new ACE and X boots are a revolution to the women’s game, a trailblazing step I’m honored to showcase on the field.”

The adidas women’s ACE and X cleats will be in a metallic shimmer colorway.