Zinedine Zidane and David Beckham are two legendary players that are closely associated with the equally legendary adidas Predator. Following the release of a collection of classic Predator remakes in the form of the Revenge Pack, adidas have released interviews with both players about their experiences with the boot.
Zinedine Zidane’s most memorable moment, and the one that propelled him to superstardom, came while wearing the Predator Accelerator. Playing in his first World Cup in his home country of France, Zidane scored twice in the final against Brazil, instantly making him a national hero. Zizou was a Predator man throughout his career and recollects that, even as they are now, back in the late 90s the Predator were the boots in fashion.

For Beckham the Predator Instinct Mania was the boot he wore when he was arguably in his prime. In 2002, when the boot was released, Beckham captained England to the World Cup. It was there while wearing the Predator Instinct Mania that Beckham got some kind of retribution by scoring against Argentina, the team that he had been sent off against four years earlier.