adidas continues to add to the retro Originals line.  They have just released 4 new jerseys for their top 4 Federations – Germany, Mexico, Argentina, and Spain.  And make sure you check out the adidas Originals training tops for these 4 teams as well.

Germany adidas Originals – The Germany jersey has the most retro look.  The all-white jersey with black details has a crew lace-up collar.  It is almost hard to believe that teams used to play in jerseys with collars like this one.

Spain adidas Originals – Spain is the current World Cup holders as well as the 2-time European Cup champions.  They will have a bulls-eye on their back when they arrive in Brazil this summer to defend their title but can only be thankful that times have changed since they were wearing jerseys like the 1 in this collection. Spain was a regular under achiever on the international stage but have dismissed that notion over the past 8 years.

Argentina adidas Originals – Argentina has one of the most classic soccer jerseys in the international game.  It stands out but has its own simplicity.   The white-and-sky blue vertical stripes are a must for any serious fan.

Mexico adidas Originals – Mexico was the dominant team in the CONCACAF region during the 1970’s, 1980’s and to a lesser degree the 1990’s.  The green jersey is a required piece of apparel of all fans of El Tri Colores.