Adidas have added to their “limited collection” yet again with the release of the all new adizero 99g.

The adizero 99g is officially the lightest soccer cleat of all time, weighing nearly half the weight of a standard cleat. This game-changing boot was designed with revolutionary technology to make players lighter and faster on the pitch.


The boot features a lightweight upper made from a single layer of woven polyester mesh. Unlike synthetic and leather boots which gain weight when wet, this adizero remains at 99g.


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A unique three-stud configuration has been added to the heal of the boot to ensure the fastest possible movements when running on and off the ball.


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The cleats have undergone extensive speed and agility testing from the likes of top players, Karim Benzema and David Alaba.

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With just 299 pairs globally- The adizero 99g boot will be available at WorldSoccerShop!