Lionel Messi is, without doubt, the most important player in adidas soccer line-up. The Argentinian is widely regarded as one of the best players in history, breaking countless records and achieving things other could only dream of. Today, the German brand unveiled the new Limited Edition Messi 10/10 cleats, a statement to his legend.


The Messi 10/10 cleats feature black premium leather for the upper, with the Messi logo embossed on the forefoot. Electroplated gold and deep red are used on the MessiFRAME support and the GAMETRAX soleplate, representing his luxurious play. Only 100 pairs have been made, with 11 destined for professional players, Messi himself and his 10 players that are part of the “Backed by Messi” campaign. A special leather tag with a serial number os the 100 made, and Messi’s iconic number 10 stands out on the heel in real metallic gold.

The remaining 89 pairs will only be sold at adidas store in Barcelona on October 10, making this cleats a very rare and coveted item. This is the start of a new tradition that will see adidas releasing collector’s edition of Messi cleats every October 10 during the upcoming years.

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