adidas is a major sponsor for Major League Soccer and the 3 Stripes jerseys and cleat silos are seen on MLS fields every week.  But as a part of MLS ‘Rivalry Week’ adidas is making their Crazy 8 classic basketball shoe available in the colors of the Seattle Sounders and Portland Timbers.

adidas Crazy 8's Portland Timbers inspried basketball shoes
The Timbers Crazy 8’s are 2-tone green with brown detailing.  The best part of the shoe is how the brown detail has a wood grain look which ties in well with the Timbers logo on the tongue.

adidas Crazy 8's Seattle Sounders basketball shoes
The Sounders have a white shoe with green and blue detailing.  The forefoot and heel of the sole stand out with the checkerboard pattern.

The Crazy 8 basketball shoes debuted in 2005.  Its predecessor, Kobe Bryant’s 1st shoe the KB-8, was a major hit when it was launched in 1997.  The silo continues to be worn by top NBA players as well as the shoe for some of adidas sponsored collegiate teams.

The designs are a collaboration between adidas, Kicks to the Pitch and BAIT.  The MLS themed basketball shoes will be the focus of events in this Thursday, August 27th at BAIT Seattle and Friday, August 28th at BAIT Portland.

crazy-8-adidas-promoWhat do you think of the MLS looks?  Would you but some basketball (other non-soccer) shoes in your team’s colors?