adidas is the jersey sponsor for a tournament high 12 teams for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.  The 3-stripes have taken a retro approach with their designs for next summer.  The looks are inspired by national team jerseys from the 1980’s and 90’s. 

Since being launched, the jerseys have generated buzz among fans eager for the first kick on June 14.

“adidas has created so many products, innovations and looks through the decades which became true icons in the soccer world. We want to celebrate those icons in the world of today,” Juergen Rank, Senior Design Director said.


Germany 2018 FIFA World Cup Jersey


Germany 1990 World Cup soccer jersey by adidas


Germany is known for their white soccer kit.  Die Mannschaft and adidas shook things up leading up to the 1990 FIFA World Cup when they unveiled the team’s jersey.  The jersey did not quietly introduce some color but went wild with a black, red, and gold zigzag pattern across the chest.  Germany went on to win the World Cup that year and the jersey has become one of the most iconic in the game.


Germany 2018 World Cup Jersey Revealed


The Germany 2018 World Cup jersey goes retro but with a traditional twist.  Rather than use color, the zigzag pattern is created with different shades of black.  But that is not to say the jersey is without a pop of color.  The gold World Cup winners badge sits proudly on the center of the jersey.


Argentina 2018 FIFA World Cup Jersey


Argentina 1993 Copa America soccer jersey by adidas


The 1993 Copa America was historic as it was the first to feature teams outside of CONMEBOL when Mexico and the USA were invited.  Argentina claimed the title with a 2-1 win over El Tri Colores.  The jersey the team wore was iconic.  It was one of the first times La Albiceleste’s jerseys featured no sky blue detailing (other than the adidas 3-stripes) on the sleeve.


Argentina 2018 World Cup Jersey Released


The Argentina 2018 World Cup jersey is inspired by that look as well as paying tribute to the pays tribute to 125th anniversary of the Argentina Football Association (AFA).  The current jersey keeps the sleeves a solid white by moving the adidas 3-stripes, this time in black, to the shoulders. A subtle laurel pattern, from the AFA crest, is incorporated on the jersey as well as the number 125.  The shirt has 2 gold stars representing their World Cup titles.


Spain 2018 FIFA World Cup Jersey


Spain 1994 World Cup soccer jersey by adidas


Spain took a page from Germany’s play book (when it comes to their jersey) in breaking from tradition for their 1994 World Cup look.  La Furia Roja’ s red jersey featured a red, yellow, and blue diamond pattern down the right side of the jersey.  It was topped off by a black v-neck collar with the adidas wordmark underneath.


Spain 2018 World Cup Jersey Launched


A similar diamond pattern is the focal point of Spain’s 2018 World Cup jersey.  The design is more subtle and does not carry over on to the sleeve and the black collar is replaced with a red crew neck collar.  The adidas Performance logo is again at the center of the jersey below the collar.


Belgium 2018 FIFA World Cup Jersey


Belgium 1984 World Cup jersey by adidas


Belgium turned heads at the 1984 UEFA European Championship.  The Red Devils took the field in France with their trademark red jersey but with a distinctive red and yellow argyle pattern across the chest with their distinctive Royal Belgian Football Association crest in black on the center of the shirt.


Belgium 2018 World Cup Home Jersey


The Belgium 2018 World Cup jersey continues that tradition.  The current jersey looks more put together with the white panel that served as a background for the argyle pattern being dropped.  The full kit will be completed with a red shorts and socks with red detailing unlike the 1984 version which made the jersey look as though it did not go with the shorts and socks and the standout yellow detailing.


Colombia 2018 FIFA World Cup Jersey


Colombia 1990 World Cup soccer jersey by adidas


After a 28 year absence, Colombia returned to the FIFA World Cup at Italia ’90.  It was only ‘Los Cafeteros (The Coffee growers)’ 2nd appearance at a FIFA World Cup and the Federación Colombiana de Fútbol (FCF) and technical sponsor adidas decided to adopt the colors from the national flag with a focus on the yellow for the team’s home jersey.  The jersey used at the 1962 FIFA World Cup was blue.  The yellow jersey has red and blue panels running diagonally over the shoulders and onto the chest.  A yellow crew neck collar and red adidas 3-stripes topped off the look.


Colombia 2018 World Cup Jersey Revealed


Similar diagonal bars are the focal detail of Colombia’s 2018 World Cup jersey.  The bars emanate from the hem of the sleeve and are muted than the 1990’s version.  Black detailing is used for the adidas 3-stripes on the shoulders and on the yellow/black v-neck collar.


Mexico 2018 FIFA World Cup Jersey


Mexico 2018 World Cup Home Jersey Unveiled


Mexico is well known for unveiling some bold jersey designs over the years.  The push to make a statement with their jersey started in the early 1990’s with adidas adding color blocks to the jersey.  This was usually accomplished with a lighter green base color and darker green detailing.

Surprisingly, the Mexico 2018 national team jersey is not as bold as it could have been or probably should have been.  The base color is the darker green with lighter green diagonal detailing on each side of the jersey.  These diagonal side panels was a common feature on many adidas national team jerseys in the early 1990’s.  Text on the neck reads ‘Soy Mexico’, which translates as ‘I am Mexico’.


Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup Jersey


Russia 2018 World Cup Jersey Launched

The Soviet Union made a huge statement in 1988.  The Red Army marched to the Gold Medal at the Seoul Summer Olympics.  The team and technical sponsor made an equally bold move in the late 1980’s moving away from the traditional solid red jersey with an occasional pinstripe to a jersey that featured 2 white color panels diagonally slashing over the arms and onto the chest.  The jersey stood out at the time.

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While not the only descendant of the Soviet Union, Russia is most often thought of as carrying on the tradition.  And the Russia 2018 World Cup home jersey is almost identical to the one worn in 1988.  It not longer includes ‘CCCP’ across the chest and the adidas trefoil logo has been replaced by the Performance logo but otherwise the new jersey is an identical twin.  The new jersey includes some quiet details with a Russian flag and eagle on the back of the neck and the text Вместе К Победе”, translating to “Victory-Bound as One”.


Sweden 2018 FIFA World Cup Jersey


Sweden 2018 World Cup Home Jersey


Sweden’s home jerseys of the late 1980’s and early 1990’s were yellow with blue detailing and featured a diagonal graphic across the body and sleeves.  The look was used at the 1990 FIFA World Cup, Sweden’s first major international tournament since 1978.  The Sweden 2018 World Cup jersey is a replica look of that ’88 version.  The only changes are that the adidas 3-stripes in blue have been moved to the side of the jersey from the shoulders and the Swedish Football Association (SvFF) crest has been updated.


Japan 2018 FIFA World Cup Jersey


Japan 2018 World Cup Jersey


Japan’s 2018 World Cup jersey takes its inspiration from the famous handcrafted apparel on the country most notably their Sashiko stitching technique.  The intricate design on the body is achieved with white threads being used on the indigo dyed base of Sashiko.  The jersey is in a new shade of blue with red and white detailing on the collar to represent the national flag.  The inside of the neck includes important moments in the history of the Japanese Football Association (JFA).  The Samurai Blue jersey also features a new JFA crest.

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