Adidas Football have released their official advertisement for this summer’s World Cup in Brazil, marking the start of its “#all in or nothing” campaign.

Featuring the likes of Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Bastian Schweinsteiger and a brand new track from rapper Kanye West, adidas have brought out the big guns to compete with Nike’s impressive Risk Everything campaign.
This first advertisement in adidas’ campaign is called “Leo Messi’s World Cup dream” and is an insight into Messi’s thought process about how his rivals are preparing for the World Cup. The ad also features adidas’ World Cup kits and its recently released Battle Pack colourways prominently, ultimately asserting that there there is only one way to live and play if you want to lift the trophy in Brazil: all in or nothing.
Interestingly at the end of the advert adidas have allowed the viewer to make the same choice as Lionel Messi, albeit on a much, much, smaller scale. The final frame of the ad is two buttons, one “all in”, and the other “nothing”. Clicking on “all in” connects the viewer to all of adidas’ media outlets for the World Cup, while “nothing” means that the viewer will have no adidas communication for the tournament.

Are you excited for this summer’s World Cup? Check out Adidas Football on YouTube for more cool ads!