Adidas has launched the new X18+ Energy Mode colorway, in time for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The newest entry in the speed boot line has gone laceless, and has been revamped for the world’s elite.



The X18+’s first colorway, dubbed Energy Mode, appears in an attractive bright blue and fluorescent yellow color scheme. As a boot crafted for speed, this X18+ will be laceless, a first in the silo’s line.



Instead of a knitted upper, the X18+ introduces a material called skeletal wave, which offers stronger yarns of ultra-thin woven material while maintaining strength. Another new innovation, speedmesh, offers a controlled and padded touch on the boot without restricting foot movement. Techfit offers a snug, conforming feel, adjusting to the feet like a pair of gloves.



The outsole and heel for the X18+ has been redone and also has unique features. With the speedframe updated, the plate has tiny holes on the surface called drillium. Drillium is a process where tiny holes would be placed on specific portions of an area to reduce weight while retaining strength and stability. Triangular studs on the forefoot offer quick change of direction, and the 3D molded heel locks down the back of the foot tightly.





The X18+ will be woven by the likes of Gabriel Jesus, Luis Suarez and a plethora of the world’s best footballers in Russia. The boots will also make its debut on the pitch for the Champions League Final, with Mohamed Salah and Liverpool facing off against Real Madrid and Marcelo.

The adidas X18+ Energy Mode boots are available now at World Soccer Shop.