The adidas Earth Pack colorway for the adiZero F50 was leaked last week but the rest of the line-up was held under-wraps until it was officially unveiled earlier today. 

The colors from the Brazilian rainforest inspired the collection and will be seen on soccer fields as teams close out the 2013/14 campaign.

The entire line, even the more conservative cleats, keep to the new bold and in-your-face aesthetic with the Solar Zest and Solar Slime keeping to this look and a consistency among the cleats.


earth_Pack_nitro_6The newest cleat to the team is made for the team ‘engine,’ the player who puts in the hard work from endline to endline.  The cleat comes in the Earth Green/Running White/Solar Zest colorway. The Earth Green color is a deep green and combined with the Solar Zest orange look is probably the best looking Nitrocharge to date as well as arguable the best colorway from the Earth Pack line.

Players to watch:  Dani Alves and Javi Martinez


earth_Pack_predator_6The Predator creeps out of the rainforest and is the complete package in the Running White/Earth Green/Solar Zest colorway.  The upper is primarily the Running White but has a more reptilian glow to the white mainly due to the textured upper.

Players to watch: Mesut Ozil and Oscar


earth_Pack_11pro_6The classic of the team is the 11pro and keeps to that nature with a Black/Running White/Solar Slime colorway.

Players to watch: Philipp Lahm and Frank Lampard

adiZero F50

The adiZero F50 has the most reptilian forest like look of the cleats.  The New Glow upper is a new look and take on the green color.  It was leaked and then officially unveiled last week.

Players to watch: Gareth Bale and Luis Suarez

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