The latest iterations of the Ace 16 and X 15 silos are here, introducing the Etch and Fluid packs from adidas Soccer.

Two completely different versions for each cleat, both for elite players who bring revolution to the field.


Fluid pack
The Fluid pack features a blackout version of the X 15.1 and Ace 16.1 boots, retaining their iconic looks and technical features for attack and control, respectively. They also have a fluid design on the upper and heel to represent the natural movement of soccer.




Etch pack
The Etch pack sits on the opposite of the chromatic realm, showing white versions of both silos, but with a substantial difference: both are the leather versions. The pure kangaroo leather offers a different sensation, softening the touch and adapting to the form of the player’s feet.





Both adidas Etch and Fluid packs will be soon available at WorldSoccerShop.com!