The adidas Brazuca went on a global tour prior to heading home to the fields on Brazil for the 2014 World Cup.  The ball featured the latest technology and was well received by players.  It was so well-loved it had a twitter following of 3.2 million fans.

adidas conext15 FIFA Women's World Cup Canada 2015 match ball

adidas conext15 FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015 match ball

The ball will be used in leagues around the world and international competitions in 2015.  The biggest stage will be at the 2015 Women’s World Cup in Canada. The ball will be seen before next summer at the FIFA Club World Cup Morocco 2014.

The ball, much like the twitter account, is being retired but it is not forgotten as adidas announced on Wednesday that it will be replaced by the adidas Conext15 Official Match Ball.

The Conext15 has taken the design features from the Brazuca, the most tested ball in adidas history, as well as the flowing color scheme so this won’t be too new of a look or feel.  The ball was designed by the elements of nature; earth, wind & fire.  The white ball has flowing stream of green, red, and blue representing the balance between these elements.

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Are you sad to see the Brazuca being put to pasture?  Should the look have been kept in use in major domestic league and international tournaments longer?

The adidas Conext15 ball is available at World Soccer Shop and other fine soccer retailers.