Flipping the script in 2015, adidas Soccer has redesigned the idea of cleats with the Ace and X. Designed for the player who controls everything, the Ace, and for the player that causes chaos, the X, these game changing cleats are perfect for city courts and allies where street soccer lives.


adidas City Pack: Berlin Kreuzberg

Offered in three unique editions; the adidas City Pack is inspired by Hackney in London, New York’s Brooklyn, and Berlin’s district of Kreuzberg. Each boot is specifically designed, displaying unique graphics pertained to each cultural melting pot.

Focused on keeping the soul of street soccer alive in their design, adidas chose rugged textured material for their uppers to make the cleats durable enough for the toughest courts and including reflective branding designed to illuminate under city lights.


adidas City Pack: Brooklyn New York

Contrasting with colors inspired by asphalt creating a unifying theme, each shoe individually represents their iconic neighborhoods with sharp eye catching colors. This creative and unique contrast perfectly embodies the styles and people in each diverse city.

Sticking with the purpose of control, the Ace is re-equipped with a hard-wearing upper for the toughest of surfaces. Players focused on creating chaos on the court will love the new product features in the X. Embodying new instep contact points designed for increasing abrasion resistance and the TechFit mid-cut collar for the ideal lockdown fit, the X is sure to strict fear in the greatest of opponents.


adidas City Pack: Hackney London

Do you think you have what it takes to rule the streets? If so, check out worldsoccershop.com to step up your game with one of these fearsome new cleats.