The new design of the Predators returns to the classic red, white and black color scheme that these boots are known for.

PREDtresThe top of the boot features red hexagons on a black background, which fade towards the back of the boot. The three white Adidas stripes start on the side of the cleat and continue on the sole. The hexagon design is present on the sole of the boot, with orange studs at the front and yellow studs at the back.


PREDgif1The main technological innovations are a Control Frame on the outsole area and new Rubber Zones, which maximise ball control and makes the shoe ideal for quick dribbling and rapid changes of direction. Optimal control and comfort are further guaranteed by a new gel pad and the use of Hybridtouch material.

PREDgif2Remodeled Lethal Zones on the top of the cleat make this the perfect boot for technical midfielders, and they are worn by some of the best there are – Mesut Özil, Ángel Di Maria, Oscar and Xavi all wear the Adidas Predator silo.

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