adidas have been a trend setter for decades.  They burst on the fashion scene in the 1980’s when Run-D.M.C. pulled on unlaced adidas sneakers.  The unlaced sneaker look is not so mainstream like the rap group’s music but one fashion trend that is still bussing is the adidas socks and slides.

The easy to replicate look is perfect for any quick outing from a lunch with friends to picking up groceries or possible the best example of form following function a trip to catch a flight.

David Beckham has been spotted wearing the look but that is not such a stretch considering he gets paid big bucks as one of the 3-stripes top athletes.

The British singer/songwriter is known to pull on socks and slides as well as other adidas apparel, primarily featuring the trefoil from the adidas Originals collection.  Snoop Dogg loves the look and with his laid back west coast attitude it is not hard to imagine it would not fit.  Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg is known to be seen wearing the adidas slides sans socks.  Mary Kate Olsen does not let the destination deny her an opportunity to slide into some adidas.

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Do you wear adidas socks and slides?  Or even pull them on au naturel?