adidas was under pressure to design a classic World Cup ball for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and the record numbers are showing that the Germany based company got the job done.  The ball is finding the back of the net more often than any World Cup since 1958, it is targeted to be the first ball to hit the $1 billion sales mark, and @brazuca reached a record 1 million twitter followers last week.

The Brazuca is finding the net at a rate of 3.42 per match (recorded after the Germany v Portugal match on June 16).  11 of the 12 games have yielded 3+ goals.  This is the highest rate since the 1958 World Cup saw an average of 3.6 goals per game (GPG).  The 1958 tournament was the last time there was a GPG average over 3.

Adidas has been the World Cup ball provider since 1970.  The 2010 World Cup ball, the Jabulani, was one of the most hated of all-time and its immediate predecessors were not much better.  The Jabulani did not have a true flight and tended to knuckle unpredictably and the design and colors were not overly appealing either.

The Brazuca took a new approach with a 6-panel ball and more extensive testing than any previous ball.  The result is a ball with faster and truer flight.  And a great look with the design and white/night blue/multicolor colorway.

The final product is expected to become the first ball with over $1 billion in sales.  The 2010 Jabulani sold $650 million of the size 5, 4, and mini-balls.  The sales include the official ball being used this summer as well as the replica balls that will be seen on soccer fields around the world in the coming years.

Like in 2010, the Brazuca can be customized with the match details from all 64 matches in Brazil. This is the perfect way to remember key games on the way to the final for the team you support.

Brazuca has the honor of being the first adidas product to take to social media with the twitter account @brazuca and have set the bar high hitting 1 million followers last week.

“I can’t believe I’ve reached a million followers,” @brazuca said from Brazil. “You guys realize you’re following a ball, right…? #ballin”

The account gives a ‘ball’s eye’ view of all that is going on in Brazil and helped out with a series of videos as it travelled the globe from various qualifying nations as they prepare for South America.

With records under its belt, the Brazuca is sure to become a classic that could be the basis for the next 5-10 years.

The Brazuca Ball is available at the WorldSoccerShop.com.