adidas have given us an intriguing behind the scenes look at the process that led to the design of its Battle Pack soccer cleats.

adidas battle pack cleat design processSketches released by the Three Stripes show some of the steps that designers took in creating colorways for the adiZero F50 and the NitroCharge 1.0. All of the colorways in the Battle Pack feature a unique design that will be all over Brazilian pitches in a little over a month.

battle-pack-design-2battle-pack-design-4The design for the boots in the Battle Pack take their inspiration from a mixture of animals and tribal war paint. As shown in the images, adidas used the scale patterns of animals like the armadillo and crocodile to come up with the distinctive designs.
Apart from catching people’s attentions, adidas are hoping that by making the making the boots black and white they will contrast with the colorful colorways released by other brands and pop out on pitch even more than they would otherwise.

The eye-catching look was so successful it was expanded to the adidas Originals line as well.